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Rybak, Sitnik open Junior 2010 with duet

12 October 2010 at 13:42 CEST

Little time is left before the Contest but the scenario of the show is ready. The main intrigue is also known - the show will be opened by an unusual duet.

"We wanted to present two brilliant winners to Europe one more time. That’s why we offered Ksenia Sitnik (winner of the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest) and Alexander Rybak  (winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009) to sing together. It will be something new, believe us!" organisers say.

Hello, Eurovision! - that is the name of the song. Its Lyrics are being kept secret, but it will be something similar to a dialogue: Ksenia Sitnik and Alexander Rybak will sing each line of the new hit by turns. 

"But at first, the artists will come on the stage as spectators. They will watch and listen to a musical introduction – a mix of instrumental and contemporary electronic music," BTRC producers say.

Now, Ksenia Sitnik and Alexander Rybak are working on their hit which will be presented soon. 

The 8th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, on the 20th of November.