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Remarkable Mylène and Rosanne as Dutch cheerleaders

There are four large red lockers on wheels on stage, with one dancer in each of them, and the twins hiding behind the two of them. The twins jump out as the first line of the song comes in, and soon the dancers jump out of the lockers as well, with the red pom-poms in their hands.

The backdrop switches between stars and bubbles throughout the song, which are most of the time red or blue. The cheerleader outfits are also in the colours of the Dutch flag (red, white and blue). The pom-poms the twins have are also in Dutch colours.

The dancers and the twins interact very well throughout the performance, and even though there is quite a complicated choreography going on with lots of dancing and jumping, the girls manage to pull the song off perfectly.

Check out their today's rehearsal here:

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