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Rehearsal Schedule: Albania kicks off week's preparations

Just like last year, countries will rehearse in a pre-defined order, which has allowed host broadcaster BNT to also organise social trips for the different delegations when they are not required in the venue.

Mishela Rapo from Albania will have the honour of being the first participant to rehearse on stage in the Arena Armeec this year, with representatives from Armenia, Malta, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, and FYR Macedonia completing day one. These countries will also rehearsal on Day 3, Wednesday, but in the reverse order. Day 2 will see Australia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine on stage, with them coming back on Day 4 in the opposite order.

The running order for the live show will also not be decided until later as, in keeping with tradition, the contestants themselves will draw their positions at the opening ceremony. The system for this will be the same in 2014 - the host country will draw its running order position randomly, while the remaining 16 participants will draw lots for the honour of performing first, last, in the first half, or in the second half. After this draw has been conducted, the production team will finalise the order within 30 or so minutes, and present it.

Check out the full schedule: here.