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Rachel comes with a 'teenage' hit

It was between five acts - two qualified from both semi-finals and one given a wildcard. Two juries - one kids' and one professional jury - as well as the TV viewers had a tough decision to make.

But in the end, it was Rachel who brought home the victory with maximum points from everyone - 36 in total!

Who is she?

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For Rachel was participating in the Dutch finales of the Junior Song contest a dream come true. This was her first step into the show business and she has changed from an anonymous girl of the south-west of the Netherlands into a very popular young artist. Her song is already a big hit and she has been invited in several Dutch television shows.

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Even the nerve damage in her left arm given to her by birth, doesn't limit her in her love for dancing and moving. As a special ambassador of the foundation for chronic illness and handicapped child , she believes that everybody should be treated equally and must realise his own dreams.

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She will take the stage ninth in Yerevan, on the 3rd of December. Fingers crossed for her!