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Press conference after the show

The winner of the 2014 Junior Eurovision Vincenzo Cantiello was very happy after his victory: "I could not believe it when I saw Italy getting points and going to the top" he said. He also said that his song "Tu primo grande amore" is a song dedicated to "all the girls and all the first loves."

Although it is too soon to talk about future plans for him, Vincenzo opened the possibility to perform in other countries as well and confirmed that an English version of the winning song will be recorded. Nicola Caligiore, head of the Italian delegation, remembered that young talents like Vincenzo and the Maltese singer Federica Falzon have participated in the Italian show "Ti lascio una canzone" and remembered the close relationship that both public broadcasters have (RAI and PBS).

Of course, there were many questions as well about who will host the 2015 Junior Eurovision. "It is not up to me to decide, it will be up to the President and Director General of RAI to decide. I will go back to Italy, I will explain what a marvellous show it was but it is up to them to decide. I can't say anything at the moment" said Nicola Caligiore.

Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim from Bulgaria were also present and the Bulgarian delegation showed its satisfaction with the result. Krisia was happy for the result and thanked Hasan and Ibrahim for "the great days we had here in Malta" and they thanked Krisia for sharing her talent. 

Betty from Armenia also showed to us how happy she was and praised her dancers "they are great and I was not scared when they were on the air, because they are professionals."

The Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev thanked the Maltese television for its efforts and was happy with the figures of the online broadcast on

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