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Postcards and music for all participants is ready!

10 November 2010 at 14:06 CET

According to one of the 14 scenarios, fans will come to Minsk Arena on a magic carpet. But that's just one of the secrets!

"Europe will see during the show the postcards we're shooting now, so there is little time left to wait," explained Alexey Satolin, the TV producer when he asked us not to reveal all the surprises.

A total of 14 countries participate in the contest this year, meaning that 14 postcards will be presented. The main idea of the postcards is "to be inspired". In practise, these are associations which each country creates for Belarusians. 

The director and his film crew shot two postcards per day. So, they managed to do them only in one week as the camera was on day and night!

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Music is ready too

The contest is also taking its musical form - the set of music compositions for the contest has been completed. It was created by the composer Evgeniy Oleynik. It was he who helped to write a song for Aleksey Zhigalkovich, the winner of the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest!  

This year the contestants will go on the stage to the sounds of well-known national music compositions. To create them, Evgeniy Oleynik had to become closely acquainted with the music culture of all the 14 participating countries.

"I tried not to borrow extracts from the compositions, but to make a slight hint at the hits and folk songs that are popular in this or that country," the composer says.

The theme song has got a romantic and mysterious name Constellation and it's a unique mixture of ethnic tunes and modern sounds.

"This composition is fresh and catchy, because to imitate the play of Moldovan, Serbian, Armenian and other musicians we used Belarusian national instruments," he says.

The 8th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held on the 20th of November in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.