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Opening Ceremony: Sunday at 19:30 CET live from the NDK

12 November 2015 at 14:24 CET

Hosted by Joanna Dragneva, part of the act that represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2008 in Belgrade, and attended by the Mayor of Sofia, the opening ceremony will be a 90 minute show welcoming participants of the 17 countries to Sofia. To begin, each country will enter the venue by walking up the red carpet, stopping for a quick interview and photos. The flag of each country will be mapped on to the outside of the NDK building!

Once all countries are inside, the evening will continue with special performances, before the main event - the draw for the running order. Each participant will be invited to the stage to pick their position in the order as follows:

  • Bulgaria will draw it's exact position (between 1 and 17) at random
  • The other sixteen countries will pick lots to determine who will perform: 1st, 17th, in the first half, or in the second half
  • Whichever position is drawn by Bulgaria will be removed from the draw for the remaining countries.

Countries will come up to the stage to draw their positions by alphabetical order of the second letter in the name of their country!

Special acts for the show

The Opening will be with 100 kabagaydi performance by children's formation from Smolian, followed by popular string quartet StringS.

Traditional folklore will also be part of the performance of the young dancers from the National school of dance arts. They will perform a medley of dances typical for the Bulgarian regions of Pirin, Thrakia and Dobrudzha.

The currently reigning beatbox champion of Bulgaria - 16-year-old Maxim Moravski – Maxo will perform last year's theme song of Junior Eurovision - “#Together” and the Bulgarian song from Eurovision 2007 - “Water”. He will be accompanied by the placed second and third at the Bulgarian beatbox championship. In order to create an uniqie and colourful show, the dance formation "Latin Force" will also appear on stage with their attractive futuristic composition called “Alien's Show”.

The focus of the evening will fall on the renewed collaboration between group "Bon-Bon" and the host of Junior Eurovision 2015 and a former member of that children's group Poli Genova. A total of 24 children from the current formation of “Bon-Bon” will join Poli and they will sing together a medley of some popular hits from "Eurovision" - such as "Euphoria", "Heroes", "Molitva", "Waterloo" and some others. In the closing bits of the ceremony Krisia will sing this year's theme song #Discover, accompanied by the dancers from “Creators”. The performance will include a special fire show created by „Divinitas Fire Show“ as well.

The spectacular night will finnish with fireworks which will officially open the week of rehearsals and final preparations before the big night of November 21.

Watch live

The 90 minute show will be shown live on BNT 1, and Online through and YouTube!