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Nadezhda Misyakova preparing for Junior Eurovision

Nadezhda and the Belarussian delelgation are working hard in preparation for the trip to Malta, but despite her busy schedule Nadezhda is still getting excellent marks in her studies – especially in languages and literature!

As well as rehearsing the performance of her song, she is also finding time to visit her music school, where she studies piano. "Several times a week I have vocal and choreography lessons. Now I also take part in various concerts. It helps me to get used to the performance, to the visuals, and to the song," says Nadezhda.

A new arrangement of the song required a new dance routine to be put together, and is the responsibility of choreographer Olga Sharmova. The choreography also has to content with the presence of several instruments on stage, as part of the performance. There have also been some changes to the costumes as well, with designers adding some brighter elements to them, and designing head-dresses.

The Belarussian delegation has also been preparing the promotional materials that they will take to Malta. Whilst they are adorned with Belarusian ornaments, the traditional pattern has undergone some changes – with a falcon taking centre stage!

You can watch the full news report (in Russian), by clicking: here.