Nadezhda Misyakova: "I can't wait to be on stage on Saturday"

Nature dominated the background images: wheat fields, mountains, woods and of course the “sokol” (falcon) could be seen on the screen together with yellow and green lights. The performance started with the dancers (who were on bare feet) playing horns, and afterwards they performed the choreography very well , including dancing on the catwalk. Nadezha seemed very focused and confident during the whole rehearsal.

After the rehearsal, we had the chance to talk to her: "I really like the stage and specialy the background graphics. I did not expect it  to be so huge." She also told us a bit more about her experience in Malta: "Tomorrow we are going to visit some parts of Malta and we are very much looking forward to it." Regarding the other participants, she was very positive as well: "All the participants are very friendly and we are now friends with some of them. I am very lucky to be here representing Belarus and can't wait to be on stage on Saturday".

Remember that Nadezha Misyakova will open the show on Saturday with the song “Sokol”.

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