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Meet Ani Lorak!

Ani Lorak developed the desire to become a singer as early as at the age of four. At that time, she had already decided what she wanted to achieve in life. Ani Lorak often performed at various school vocal competitions.

In 1992, she took part in the popular contest Pervotsvit [Cowslip] and became the winner. As a result, at the age of 14 she signed her first professional contract.

Ani Lorak became known as Ani Lorak in March, 1995. She had to invent her stage name when she was participating in the contest of the Morning Star television program in Moscow. There was another Russian singer with the name Karolina, which is Ani Lorak’s real name, already enrolled in the competition, so our Karolina saved the situation having read her name backwards. That's how her present stage name Ani Lorak has come into existence.

At the age of 19 she was awarded with title of the Honoured Artist of Ukraine, having become the youngest singer ever to get this rank. She is the winner of a great number of various prizes, has four Gold Discs according to the results of sales of the albums, winner of prestigious international and Ukrainian festivals and ratings.

She also represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, placing second with her Shady Lady.

Successful in everything!

Ani Lorak has been repeatedly recognised as the Singer of the Year in Ukraine. Her credits include two solo shows on the country’s central stage, ten albums, one single, biographical film, and 23 videos. She is the most beautiful and sexy woman of Ukraine according to the results of polls by popular magazines.

She spends a lot of time on charitable activities. In 2004 Ani Lorak has been a UN Goodwill Ambassador on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. 

Ani Lorak worthily represents Ukraine on the global music market. She has given performances on the stages of England, the USA, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Turkey.

Now she'll be one of the hosts of the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv on the 21st of November. Good luck! You can read about the other host in our 'Meet Timur' article and 'Meet Dmytro' article and see who else were chosen as hosts in our hosts' article.