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6 Questions
6 Questions
Photo: EBU

Participants on lucky charms, dream jobs and duet partners

We have asked this year's participants 6 questions on multiple topics, varying from what their lucky charm is to who their dream duet partner is. Let's find out what they had to say!

Do you have a lucky charm?

From stuffed animals to family members, our participants have various lucky charms. Russia's Anna Filipchuk has a little teddy bear she brings to every performance and Poland's Roksana Węgiel has a special mascotte, which she plans on bringing to Minsk!

Family members are also very important to the participants. The Netherlands' Anne brings her mother and sister as her 'lucky people' and Wales representative Manw even brings her entire family.

Australia's Jael has some snacks she loves as a lucky charm. We can not wait to ask her which snacks those are!

What is the favourite part of your song?

Ela from Malta has a sentence she loves most about her song: "There are times where it will get dark, that’s your chance to leave your mark". She says this is her favourite line, because: "Even when you go through hard periods in your life, it's your chance to show how powerful you are."

Kazakhstan's Daneliya about her song: "It's about my mom, whom I love so much. She gives me all her support and warmth."

What will you do when you win Junior Eurovision?

Winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true for all our participants, but what will they do when their name is announced as winner of the contest?

It will be very emotional for sure, say Welsh participant Manw and Malta's Ela. Manw: "I will jump up, enjoy and cry!" Ela: "I will start shouting and crying at the same time. And after that, I will probably faint."

Israel's Noam Dadon has a very important task if he wins: "I will call my mother and brother back home in Israel!"

Who is your dream duet partner?

When it comes to the question: 'Who is your dream duet partner?', there is one person who most of the participants would love to sing with: Beyoncé. Portugal's Rita Laranjeira gives as a reason: "I like her songs, and the feelings she transmits. It's very powerful."

Ukraine's Darina Krasnovetska has someone else in mind: Jamala, the Ukrainian winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

What is your favourite Junior Eurovision song?

When we asked the 2018 participants what their favourite Junior Eurovision song is, it turned out that they like the songs of their fellow competitors the best. Kazakhstan's Daneliya Tuleshova likes the song Time of Belarusian artist Daniel Yastremski the best because it makes her happy! Albania's Efi likes the song I Wanna Be Like You from Azerbaijan's Fidan Huseynova the best. 

What is your dream job besides music?

The participants still have a long (musical) career ahead of them. What would their dream job be, besides singing? Multiple singers would still go for a job in show business, like Max and Anne from the Netherlands. Max wants to be a camera man or producer, Anne wants to be an actress.

Australia's Jael wants to be a fashion designer because of the creativity that goes into it.

Manw has a different plan: "I would like to rule the world!"

Tune in to the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow at 16:00 CET via the live stream.