Lina Kuduzović qualifies for the Final of Mini EMA!

Nuška Drašček, Nina Pušlar and Patrik Greblo were once again the jury who decided about the semi final winner. Lina Kuduzović won tonight's semi final with the song "Prva ljubezen" (First love), which was written by Lina herself, with the help of Maraaya - this year's Slovenian Eurovision entrants, and co-composers of last year's Slovenian Junior Eurovision entry, Ula Ložar's "Nisi sam (Your Light)".

Lina Kuduzović will be joining the winner of the first semi final of Mini EMA - Leni, in the Grand Final next week, when televoters will decide which of these two girls will be representing Slovenia in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Give a look at Lina's performance right here:

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