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Life after JESC... Vincenzo Cantiello!

08 April 2015 at 14:38 CEST

"After my victory I could not understand anything anymore, my head was spinning and even after one hour I still hadn’t realized that I had won" says Vincenzo, who won the competition last November held in Malta. "It was fantastic and I have no words to describe it, I thought I was going to become 7th or 8th and when I won it was a great surprise."

For this reason I would like to thank the people who let me take part and Leonardo De Amicis, who wrote this beautiful song with the help of Alderisio Paoletti and Fabrizio Berlingioni, my song. I thank everyone.

After being presented with his trophy on stage, giving a press conference, and then returning to Euro Club to enjoy the after-show party, Vincenzo and the rest of his delegation from RAI flew back to Rome on Sunday afternoon. He was met with smiling faces when he got back to Italy! "My whole family organized a party at home for me (pictured below), also at school, and I had to sing as well. It was really beautiful," he says about his first few days back in Italy.

Going back to his performance on the night, what did Vincenzo think after his first performance was over? "After the performance I was extremely happy and excited, I was happy because everything went well" he said.

Many people at last year's competition cited Vincenzo as their favourite in the competition, but which was his favourite song? "All the songs are beautiful, but I love Federica Falzon’s song, from Malta" he revealed.

Since returning to Italy, Vincenzo has been catching up at school as well as appearing in several television shows. He also has some exciting plans for the upcoming months which we'll keep you updated about very soon!