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Life after JESC... Nadezhda Misyakova!

28 April 2015 at 12:47 CEST

After performing "Sokol" ("Falcon") in Malta in November last year, Nadezhda and her dancers returned home to Belarus to a very warm welcome.  “I was greeted with flowers and gifts and my classmates gave me a huge bouquet of balloons! It was a very pleasant surprise for me.” 

When asked for her favourite memories of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014, it is not the performance or being on television that had the greatest impact on Nadezhda. “What stays with me is the time we spent backstage which means that we could meet and communicate with the other contestants.  We laughed, chatted, posed for photos and also got nervous for each other.  Most importantly, we all became very good friends!

Of course, I lovingly remember sunny Malta and our school trip, long walks through its beautiful old streets and a warm welcome from the people.

How was Nadezhda feeling before going on the stage in Malta? "Being part of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for many children, and for me, was a dream and one that I wanted to believe would come true. Before going on stage, I could feel the pounding of my heart, because it was close to my dream, and it was only one step away!" she recalls. “After the performance, I was overwhelmed with emotions: feelings of joy, relief, great happiness.  Despite this, I could also hardly keep back the tears.”

Like all Junior Eurovision contestants, Nadezhda liked all of the songs from the other fifteen countries, “Each of them were good in their own way,” but she did admit to a favourite: “For me, the song that touched me the most was the one sung by the Slovenian contestant Ula Ložar called ‘Nisi Sam’ (‘Your Light’).”

Since Junior Eurovision, Nadezhda has been inundated with lots of invitations to attend and perform at concerts, festivals, television and radio, but her main focus is continuing to write new songs and work on new material.  “New material is important, but I also recorded a cover version of ‘Feeling Good.’  One of my new songs sees me working again with Uzari.  He helped me polish my song ‘Sokol’ for Junior Eurovision.”  

School too, is important.  “Later this year I’ll be finishing piano at the music school, so preparing for my final exams is crucial.” 

If someone asked Nadezhda for advice on participating in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, her answer is straight to the point. “Go for it.  Believe in yourself; believe in your dream and you will succeed.” 

In the very short term, she has only the Eurovision Song Contest in mind.  “I think you know that my friend Uzari is representing Belarus at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna.  He is performing his song ‘Time’ in a duet with violinist Maimuna. I was so happy when they won the national selection and wish them confidence and victory with all my heart!”