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Life after JESC... Maša & Lejla !

14 April 2015 at 14:40 CEST

“When I returned home everybody in my school said that we were great, and my family was very proud of me, and I even had a few posts on Facebook saying how great we were. So that was very nice of everybody. I was very happy” says Lejla, talking about what happened when she returned to Montenegro. “ I was very sad because JESC is over. That was like the best time of my life, it was like in a fairytale, and I didn't want to go back to reality,” adds Maša. “When we arrived at the airport, my whole family was there, and my best friend - I was very happy to see all of them there. My first day at school after JESC was amazing, all of my friends  and teachers congratulated me, and they welcomed me with lots of hugs!”

Thinking back to the night of the show, how did the girls feel before they went on stage? “As we waited to go on the stage, I felt a little bit nervous, very excited, and I actually couldn't wait to start singing!” revealed Maša. “While we were waiting for our performance, we could hear the crowd screaming, and it's an amazing feeling! Singing in front of so many people is fantastic.Those were the best three minutes of my life. I love being on stage, it's like my second home, since I was little I’ve been in music, and on stage, so I feel very comfortable there.  Afterwards I felt so happy! We were relieved too, but sad at the same time, because it was over. I will always remember every second that I spent in Malta.

“Before the performance I was nervous, but very little. I kept saying to myself ‘this is it, this is your time, use it, it’s a once in a lifetime thing and you go out to millions of people! You’ve got the chance, be happy and enjoy it’,” says Lejla on her thoughts before going on stage. “After the performance I was very happy with what we did. We did our best, and we had fun, and those are the two most important things.”

What were the girls’ favourite moments of the Junior Eurovision experience? “I feel like the whole JESC was just a dream. Now I cant believe I've was there and san in front of the whole of Europe” says Lejla. “Now I feel like it was all just a blur. I do remember walking backstage, but I can’t feel it or believe it happened.

Everything was a dream, a wonderful dream that you can never ever forget

“I can't single out, because all the time I felt like I was in a fairytale. Going to the school, meeting all the children, going to the Historical museum, visiting Popeye Village, Valletta, Sliema, everything was amazing!’ added Maša. “I enjoyed every second and I really liked Malta, and I hope I will visit it again!” 

Which of the other songs did the girls like the most? “I loved all of the songs, but the Russian ''Dreamer'' and Slovenian'' Nisi sam/ Your light'' are special for me” says Maša, whilst Lejla doesn’t want to be cliched: “I don't want to be one of those people that say, ahh they were all great, but they were all good...some of my favourites were The Netherlands, Cyprus, Russia, Serbia and Slovenia.”

“Now that I think about it a lot has happened since November, quite a bit interviews, performances with Masa, I also started a youtube channel, its called...well... Lejla Vulic! I do covers of songs and other things you can check out, but i just started so my videos will get better through time. I will also have a new single coming out, which I wrote” says Lejla, of her life since Junior Eurovision finished. “We also had a school talent show where I decided I will participate, even if i have stage fright in front of people i know. I sang with my guitar and I really enjoyed myself, and even though our school is small, the audience reminded me of Junior Eurovision. Another new thing is the book that I’ve started writing. I love Taylor Swift, and I saw that she wrote a 175 page book, so her and ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ author John Green, have given me the inspiration to start writing my own book.”

What about Maša “Since November I had a lot of performances, with Lejla, and alone. We're planning a new song together too! Also I had so many obligations in my Elementary and Music school. I'm working on a new song for myself, and in April, June and July I will go to some competitions. I’m also getting ready for my entrance examination for High Music School.”

So the two girls have been very busy! Finally, what would they say to someone thinking of taking part in Junior Eurovision this year “If you're taking part in Junior Eurovision 2015, my advice is to believe in yourself, to give the best of yourself, to stay positive, and to enjoy every minute of that wonderful experience!” says Maša, whilst Lejla adds: “Don’t take things too seriously, enjoy yourself, and be happy!”