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Life after JESC – Lizi Pop!

27 February 2015 at 10:55 CET

When LiziPop returned Georgia after her ‘Happy Day’ at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, she found a big crowd of friends and family waiting for her, ready to hear her news.

“I told them that my favourite memory of Junior Eurovision was the very first day when I arrived in Malta and got to meet all of the contestants in the Euro Club.  Of course, singing on the JESC stage was also a big honour but seeing all the contestants there together on the first night made me really happy. I wish I could still see all of the wonderful people I met during JESC.”

Before LiziPop’s turn to walk out on stage and perform, she was listening to Cyprus’ Sophia Patsalides’ singing.  “She was on before us, and as I was waiting there backstage, my dancers and I just started dancing and singing really loud to her song, which we all loved. It was a great way to get rid of feeling nervous and to get ready for our turn.”

After her performance, Lizi felt amazed. “It was the best moment of my life, to be on the Junior Eurovision stage in front of such a crowd.  I’ll never forget it.”

Apart from her own song, she insists she hasn’t a favourite amongst the other fifteen JESC songs: “I can’t really say, because they were all perfect in their own way.” 

Since returning home, she’s enjoyed the Christmas break, returning to school, seeing her friends, keeping up with her homework and having fun on Instagram.  Oh, and performing.  “I sang in a concert with a popular opera singer called Nino Surguladze to help raise money for a childrens’ charity.  It was a fun event to be involved in and felt so proud to be asked to take part."

As for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, would she recommend it to others? “Absolutely. I would definitely tell then to go for it, because it was a huge honour for me and an incredible experience.”