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Jury dress rehearsal tonight

29 November 2013 at 18:11 CET

The real moment of truth is approaching fast after an amazing week here in Kyiv with all delegations and artists, but before Satuday's show takes place, there is another important evening ahead: the jury dress rehearsal.

The jury dress rehearsal is the biggest repetition before the actual show and will be viewed by the national juries of the participating countries, so despite it being officially a dress rehearsal, it is a very important night for our artists since 50% of the points from each country will come from the jury's impressions after tonight's show.

It will be a great opportunity as well to see some of the surprises and performances that will complete the 2013 Junior Eurovision together with the 12 participating countries... but some of the surprises will only be revealed live on Saturday during the show!

The jury dress rehearsal will start at 7 pm CET time, 8 pm in Kyiv.