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Junior Eurovision YouTube channel reaches half a million subscribers!

20 July 2020 at 13:00 CEST
Live show Minsk 2018 Andres Putting
The Junior Eurovision Song Contest has its own YouTube channel since 2007, and thirteen years later the channel welcomed its 500.000th subscriber! We are very grateful for your dedication to the Contest, and to celebrate we will have a look at the videos you have been watching the most.

The most popular part of the Junior Eurovision YouTube channel are of-course the songs. All the songs of the contest are available online, from the first-ever performance on a Junior Eurovision stage (Nicolas Ganopoulos represented Greece in 2003 with the song Fili Yia Panta) to the winning performance of Superhero by Viki Gabor. Which songs have you been watching the most? This is the top 10:

1. Roksana Węgiel - Anyone I Want To Be (Poland 2018)
2. Viki Gabor - Superhero (Poland 2019)
3. Lizi Japaridze - Happy Day (Georgia 2014)
4. Carla - Bim Bam Toi (France 2019)
5. Angélina - Jamais Sans Toi (France 2018)
6. Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim - Planet Of The Children (Bulgaria 2014)
7. Melani Garcia - Marte (Spain 2019)
8. Betty - People Of The Sun (Armenia 2014)
9. Laura - Zo Verliefd (Belgium 2009)
10. Anja Veterova - Eooo, Eooo (North Macedonia 2010)

Let the games begin

Not only the songs drew your attention on YouTube. Every year, in the lead up to the event, multiple interviews, games and challenges are recorded with the Junior Eurovision stars. Not only are these fun to take part in, but you can also get to know the artists a bit better.

In Gliwice-Silesia, Viki Gabor from Poland invited the singers from North Macedonia, Ireland, Belarus and Spain to the breakfast table where they tried Polish breakfast dishes while talking about the local dishes from their own countries.

One of the returning challenges for our Junior Eurovision stars is the ‘React to Eurovision’ challenge. Every year, the artists get to see some iconic performances from the Eurovision Song Contest and it turns out that most of the performers are big fans of the Contest!

During the Final, a lot of emotional moments take place backstage. In 2019, our camera crew made sure to capture the first reaction of the artists right after they performed.

Online audience
Videos on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel have been watched over 300 million times since the start of the channel in 2007. YouTube awarded the silver Playbutton to the Contest’s channel when it reached 100.000 subscribers in late 2017. Last year, when the contest took place in Gliwice-Silesia in Poland, the amount of subscribers nearly double!

The Junior Eurovision YouTube channel received the Silver Playbutton in 2017 EBU / Stijn Smulders