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Junior Eurovision fans #together - Part 2!

I'm Carolina Emma Añazgo Leo and I'm a big fan of Junior Eurovision and all other Eurovision events since 2000. I live in Peru, and I'm a true Junior Eurovision fan since María Isabel from Spain won the competition 10 years ago - I watch every contest online to learn about it.

What I think of being #together is that everyone can live in harmony and diversity.  And to show that #together is better, I created the Eurovision Friends, or Eurofriends for short. I created each character from all Eurovision event history along with fun and positive personalities. And what makes each Eurofriend, Eurettefriend an Lil' Friend is that each of them has a different personality, heartfelt powers filled with good feelings and a country to represent in the Eurovision events. They help people, including all kids who'll be participating this year, to feel that "Being #together and living in harmony makes the world shine".

This group of friends includes: Valletta Eurettefriend, who helps people to discover new flavours through her recipes; and Stockholm Eurettefriend, who uses her songs and music to make everyone sing. There's a Eurofriend for every positive feeling and all together, they help kids to discover Eurovision. And my dream is to make an animated televisin show with all Eurovision songs (Eurovision and Junior Eurovision included) and help the world to be together!

If you watched the fan video from last year, you can see 2 of the Eurofriends!

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