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Junior Eurovision 2014 winner Vincenzo Cantiello releases new album

Earlier this year Vincenzo, who is now 16, released the first single from the album, Longing For Someone. The young singer is collaborating with Antonio Dinuzzi, owner of SKE! Entertainment, who also introduced Vincenzo to songwriter Alberto Eugenio Grassigli.

“I call this the beautiful project,” says Antonio Dinuzzi, owner of SKE! Entertainment, who started the ball rolling on the ‘Never too much’ album. “After years of experience working in the music entertainment world, there’s still ‘eureka moments’ to be found and Vincenzo is one of those. He’s the most exciting young musical talent to come out of Italy and it was a pleasure to collaborate with him and songwriter Alberto Eugenio Grassigli of the ‘One Universe’ Project”. 

The ‘One Universe’ project, established the same year as Vincenzo’s Junior Eurovision victory, aims to involve singers and musicians from all over the world.  Grassigli released the first album, Come Back Home to great acclaim and sees Vincenzo’s album Never Too Much as an even bigger step forward.

Vincenzo hopes to travel to Malta in November to check out the Junior Eurovision Song Contest two years on and to treat fans to some sneak previews of the songs from his album.

“With your support, we hope to have the album out in early December,” Vincenzo says.  “I feel so privileged to have been part of the ‘One Universe’ music project and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Vincenzo is often found enthusiastically playing piano and performing pop and rock cover versions on his Facebook page. With the release of his new album it looks like he is going to be busy with than social media over the coming year.

The album is being financed through a crowd-funding campaign. For more details visit the dedicated website. You can also find out more about One Universe on the official website.