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Jill & Lauren win in Belgium!

02 October 2010 at 14:26 CEST

Jill Van Vooren and Lauren Deruyck are best friends since they met earlier in another Flemish kids talent show called Ketnetpop 2009. Jill loves to surf the waves and takes lessons in acting and music. Lauren performed already in some of the biggest Flemish musical productions. 

Their pop-dance song is about keeping the faith in chasing your dreams. Get Up! was produced by Peter Gillis and Miguel Wiels, who also wrote the Belgian entry for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year - Laura’s Zo Verliefd. 

Jill & Lauren won the Belgian selections after a stunning live finale. After their performance, singer Walter Grootaers – member of the professional jury - had nothing but praise: "Your song is so cheerful, it makes me feel happy even when I’m in a bad mood."

The girls themselves were quite speechless after the show. Lauren: "This is much more intense than I expected. All these emotions, it’s unbelievable! We’re going to keep on practising and do our very best in Minsk!" Jill added: "I still can’t believe it. We are who we are, so that’s what we’re going to do in Belarus. Like in our song, where we sing: 'Gotta do it my own way'."

Belgian host and commentator Kristien Maes had some more good news during the finale: the CD of Junior Eurosong 2010, the Belgian national selection, is the most sold album in Belgium, hitting the number one spot at the charts. More than 15000 copies were sold, and all the candidates received a Golden Award for that. 

You can see our video report of the show below!

If you want to see the Belgian national final online, you can do it on Ketnet's website.