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First Dress Rehearsal: More to #Discover!

The first Dress Rehearsal took place at 13:15 CET today, and we got to see the songs in their running order for the first time. (Previously, all rehearsals took place in generally alphabetical order, rather than in show order).

Furthermore, more information on the opening act, interval, and postcards was revealed! You can expect an energetic opening, showing scenes from not only Sofia, but all over Bulgaria. There are breaks after songs six and twelve, featuring a fleet of dancers and some of incredibly talented beatboxers! All in all, over 200 Bulgarian singers and dancers are part of the show.

Host Poli Genova opens the show in a blue dress (but has some trouble when she tries to go in for a costume'll have to watch to see what happens!)

It's gearing up to be an incredible show sure to watch with us!

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