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First Dress Rehearsal held in Minsk

19 November 2010 at 15:00 CET

As a tradition, the first and second Dress Rehearsals are held on the Friday before the live event. So, today at 14.00 Central European Time, the first Dress Rehearsal started. 

The Dress Rehearsals will look exactly like the live show and thus the audience can also see everything as they would tomorrow evening.

The press members currently in the Press Centre in the Minsk Arena can all attend the first Dress Rehearsal, to see for themselves how the show will look like. 

Second rehearsal goes to juries all over Europe

Tonight, the second Dress Rehearsal will be recorded for the professional juries all over Europe to see and give their points to the 14 participants. These will be gathered and then added to the televoting points given during the live show tomorrow by the viewers. 

The live show will be broadcast at 20:15 Central European Time tomorrow night in all the participating countries and later in Australia as well!