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Erin Mai has our 'Hearts Beating' once again

22 November 2019 at 13:32 CET
Welsh participant Erin Mai on stage again with ‘Calon yn Curo (Heart Beating)’ Thomas Hanses
Erin has taken the stage in Gliwice-Silesia for the second time to rehearse 'Calon yn Curo (Heart Beating)'. Wales will perform 9th in the live show on Sunday 24 November.

Erin returned to the stage, this time with a grand skirt reveal to showcase a traditional Welsh clog dance. Erin describes Calon yn Curo as a song about the moment before you step onto the stage: "The stage can be anything, from the Eurovision stage to a football pitch, to stepping up to those people being nasty to you. Once you get over the nerves and build up the courage, you can achieve anything, and then share that special moment with everyone around you."

Infographic Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 EBU

Erin attended Wales’ national selection live final in 2018. Watching from the audience, Erin never imagined that she would be on the same stage one year later. She is now ready to do her country proud. "We have a lot of old traditions in Wales, so I'm really excited to bring our tradition of clog dancing to the Eurovision stage! It's such an old dance, but I can't wait to show Europe and the world that old traditions can be contemporary and hopefully, really cool."

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