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Dmytro: I know what our stars feel!

04 November 2009 at 18:33 CET

Dmytro is one of the youngest co-hosts for the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. He will support the contestants in the Green Room. He has entered the national selections for the Junior Eurovision Song Contests three times, and thrice he just missed the palm-tree. This year, his dream comes true, though Dmytro will be representing Ukraine as a host, not as a singer.

The restless and gifted Green Room host of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is interviewed by the press office of the Host Broadcaster, NTU.

How did you find out about the casting for the hosts of 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

I found out about the hosts casting from the official site of NTU, but I saw the TV message, too. We phoned to the organisers of the project, sent the CV and the application form for the casting.

Why did you decide to try your hand at being a host of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

I believe that such project as the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is one of the brightest and most important events Europe-wide. This year I was one of the hosts at Slaviansky Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus, and I liked a lot being a host of a singing contest in particular, because I have taken part in such projects both in Ukraine and in European states many times.

How certain were you that you will pass the casting and become the host of the Contest?

Until the end, I wasn’t certain that I will become the host for such a grand European show, because the requirements were high. At the casting, the contestants had to demonstrate fluent English and good scenic and acting skills.

How did you prepare for the casting?

I had no time for preparation because I was called unexpectedly. Also, one hardly can prepare for such thing as casting. To learn English you need years, to get acting skills – experience.

What do you think, why it was you who was selected as the Green Room host of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

I wanted very much to be an entrant for the event – three times I was the one of the finalists of the Ukrainian national selection. But this time I will be the host, and like this role very much, too. I think that my experience helped me – for two years I have been a host of a TV program for children. And I’ve been studying English for five years already.

Do you know already how will you conduct the contest?

Well, I have certain thoughts regarding my conduct of the contest. I looked through the last TV broadcasts of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, reviewed the adult version, which was hosted this year at a very high level in Moscow. Dimitry Shepelev was the Green Room host and he has much to learn from.

Do you remember the time when you found out that the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest would be hosted in Kyiv? How did you react?

I knew about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest being held in Ukraine already a year ago. But at the time I couldn’t imagine myself as a host, because I was preparing to become a participant. I think that this event is very important for Ukraine; it would focus attention of many people to junior creative work, both in Ukraine and in Europe. 

You’ll have a difficult task, you have to support the participants right after their performance, when they are very emotional and think about the victory. How will you support them? What would you talk about?

I think I am uniquely placed to know what kind of support the participants will need. I’ve experienced many difficult moments myself. The most difficult thing is to live through the defeat; you must walk out of it with head high, not losing your wish to continue working in the field you love.  It’ll be much more difficult for our participants, because they don’t know each other. I personally know the participants who will come to Kyiv to compete for victory. I was introduced to them at the national selections. I am sure that this will help to create friendly atmosphere in the Green Room. I will try to give my best to create an atmosphere of celebration, maybe, to liven up someone. 

Some of the key demands for the hosts of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest were strong interpersonal and great English skills. There are no questions about interpersonal skills – but where did you study English language?

I study English in a dedicated school of English, with native speakers – our teachers came from the United Kingdom. This year I was a guest at San Remo festival, which let me practice my English as well. These days many of my peers know English, so speaking with children from different countries I have the best possible practice.

Less than one month left till the event; what do you expect from the contest for yourself?

This is highly significant event for me. I am honoured to represent Ukraine, to be face of the country. Also, I will be hosting together with one of the most talented and beautiful hosts – Ani Lorak. I expect to gain more experience, new friends, and plenty of new impressions.

Do you plan to present Ukraine as a singer at next year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

Everything is possible!

Dmytro will host the event together with Ani and Timur on the 21st of November in Kyiv, Ukraine. You can read more about the hosts in our overview of the hosts.