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A virtual press conference with all the participants!

28 November 2020 at 16:00 CET
A Press Conference with all 12 participating countries took place on Saturday 28 November EBU / Stijn Smulders
Just one day before the Final, the live press conference took us all around Europe to meet with the 12 artists ahead of their performance on tomorrow! To find out how they answered all the media questions and more, then keep on reading!

All 12 participants called in to the live press conference in Warsaw, Poland where they virtually caught up with host Agata Konarska for the live press conference. The live stream showed all of the Junior 2020 singers joyfully waving their hands and national flags as they greeted the press and of course, the fans.

We got to see a special film with all the participants introducing themselves and their country. All the stars had a uniquely different backdrop too. We also got to hear their beautiful voices again when they sung their most favourite part to their song.

Hello Europe, this is Warsaw calling!

The conference then took us all around Europe and we heard from all of them in order of their appearance on Sunday. Agata asked the first 6 performers what their most memorable moment was during their preparation for the Contest.

First up was Susan, who is representing Germany for the first time in the competition, to which she responded: "When I was on stage recording my song because all the lights were so fantastic!" Next up was Karakat from Kazakhstan who said: "The whole process was quite a journey for me but the most memorable part was becoming friends with all the finalists of the show."

Then we had Dutch representatives, Unity who said that recording their clip for Best Friends was one of their favourite moments because it was "such a nice experience." Petar from Serbia said that recording the official video for his song was his most memorable time. "Making versions of my song in different languages, and of course, recording my performance in Poland," almost made the top of his list.

The Belarusian Arina said that the day she filmed her act was "so exciting...everyone helped me a lot and everyone supported me. I felt very confident!" The last artist to answer this question was Host Country representative, Ala who said that the most memorable experience for her also included making friends with her incredible dancers!

The conference continued to 'move around the world' to the other 6 countries where Agata asked each performer what they think the audience should know about their country.

Sandra from Georgia went first. She said that her country was famous for many things, but most for its beautiful nature, cuisine and people. We then followed Chanel from Malta who let us know that her country is "a really tiny place" that has "so many cool beaches" and a lot of sun! Then Sofia from Russia wanted us to know how big and multicultural her country is. "We have such kind and friendly people,"she said.

We then heard from Soleá from Spain who said that "the one thing that is most representative of our country is the flamenco music." Next was Oleksandr who was holding his light globe prop in one hand and a flag in another. He told us that "the main thing that you should know about Ukraine is about its people. If you come to our local houses, you won’t leave hungry or unhappy because Ukrainian people are wonderful!"

The final stop was in France with Valentina who was surrounded by some of her team, all waving their French flag proudly. She even gave us a little twirl in the dress she will perform in: “Look, I love it” she said. Valentina told us that she thinks France is so special because we have the Eiffel Tower which will also feature in her performance on Sunday.

Some of the artists then fielded questions provided online by the media as well, and included responses from Sandra, Ala, Valentina, Petar, Susan and Soleá.

Host Agata finished off the press conference by sending positive vibes to all 12 artists and reminded them that they are all still winners because they have the honour of representing their country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020!

Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday 29 November at 17: 00 CET when all the contestants will share their music with us!