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Daniil: "Spectators, family and friends are my talismans"

A young singer confessed he enjoys very much to be interviewed and to answer questions, even about his competitors. 

"I think that there have been many wonderful songs at the preselection. I liked entries of Lydia Zabolotskaya and Evelyna Lashuk. Of course, as everyone who sings and acts on stage, I was nervous during performances of other participants. What helps me to cope with the pressure? Probably, relatives, my tutor… Spectators, family and friends are my talismans," Daniil says.

Daniil talked about the grand-prix he was awarded during other twelve song contests. And this time his song Muziki Svet (Light of Music) was among favourites both of the jury and of the audience. 

"I think, this song fits me. It’s not so complicated. Nevertheless, there is still something to show to the audience and to work hard on. I prefer the songs which make you think," explains the 13-year-old performer. 

He will represent Belarus at the eighth Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held on the 20th of November in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.