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UK girl power: On the dance floor with STAND UNIQU3

18 November 2023 at 19:01 CET
🇬🇧 United Kingdom - STAND UNIQU3 - First Rehearsal - Junior Eurovision 2023 Corinne Cumming / EBU
Pop trio STAND UNIQU3 are dancing their way to Nice to represent the United Kingdom at Junior Eurovision 2023, with their song ‘Back To Life.’

Hayla, Maisie, and Yazmin are the UK's newest pop band, and together they make STAND UNIQU3. They’re the first group to represent their country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The band was put together especially for Junior Eurovision, after a long audition process. The girls come from different parts of the country, but their sounds fit like they were made for each other. The United Kingdom has a strong girl band history (Spice Girls, Little Mix, Sugababes, Atomic Kitten, The Saturdays, All Saints… the list goes on) so STAND UNIQU3 will be hoping to channel some of that girl power magic.

Back To Life was written by a group of super-powered music talents: Sky Adams, Jakke Erixson, and Jack Hawitt. Between them, they’ve written for pop heroes like Doja Cat, Jason Derulo, Kylie Minogue, Lauren Spencer-Smith, and Ava Max. With the writers bringing songs like Sigala’s Melody and Ava Max’s Kings And Queens to the table, STAND UNIQU3 knew they’d be in good hands.

If these 3 could have the power of invisibility for the day, they know exactly how they’d spend their time. Hayla would sneak into a theme park, go on all the rides, then end her day in a café, where she’d eat as many waffles as she could manage. Maisie would spend the day on the waltzers at the fun fair — she might be pretty dizzy by the end of that. While the other two are spinning round on rides, Yazmin would go to the department store and visit the section with a particularly fancy jewellery brand, then choose a necklace. Ooh la la!

The STAND UNIQU3 girls are all in agreement about who their pop star heroes are. They’re always listening to current artists like Billie Eilish, Yungblud, and Rihanna, and you can hear some of those influences in their Junior Eurovision track. But they also look up to some more retro idols, including Whitney Houston and the iconic girl band trio, Destiny’s Child.

STAND UNIQU3 are always making each other laugh, and they hope they can keep recording songs together way into the future. 

Now that they’ve formed a firm friendship, they told us what they think makes a great friend: “Someone trustworthy and loyal. They support you no matter what. And you have to be able to have a laugh together!”

You can learn more about STAND UNIQU3 right here.

Junior Eurovision 2023 took place in Nice, France on Sunday 26 November and was won by Zoé Clauzure from France! You can rewatch it live via the official Junior Eurovision YouTube channel (if available in your country).

All 16 songs are available to watch on our YouTube channel and listen to the official album on all streaming platforms, and of course, you're invited to vote for your favourites too! How do I vote in Junior Eurovision? Here's how...

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