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23 November 2020 at 12:30 CET
UNITY from the Netherlands have recorded their performance for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Chantal Antonides
This powerhouse 4 piece singing group from the Netherlands had a lot to say about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and also about each other! We find out more about this dynamic quartet including everything from their favourite Dutch snacks to how they met to who is the most likely to keep a secret!

In the lead up to their performance of Best Friends on Sunday 29 November we asked Naomi, Maud, Jayda and Demi who was most likely to do what!

Who is most likely to:

Talk the most: Naomi

Make a joke: Naomi or Maud

Play sports: Jayda

Cook the best food: None! We all like to bake but we wouldn't say any of us are the best cooks!

Sing the highest note: Naomi and Demi

Dance the best: Jayda

Keep a secret: Jayda and Maud. This question caused quite the stir! The girls had a big discussion and had a lot of difficulty deciding between the 4 of them. After a lot of back and forth and several giggles they came to their decision, although it was not unanimous!

Junior Songfestival 2020

Unity fills in the gaps!

We played a game where Demi, Jayda, Naomi and Maud had to 'fill the gaps' in these sentences. Let's find out what they had to say:

We met for the first time: At the auditions for the national selection of The Netherlands Junior Songfestival approximately 9 months ago.

The best thing about being a part of Unity is: That we can do everything together.

Besides music we love to: Have sleepovers and hang out together.

Naomi is always: Pranking everyone.

Demi is always: In love and always hungry.

Maud is always: Crazy and excitable.

Jada is always: Dancing, and is always happy and positive.

If our group had a superpower it would be: Teleportation.

Before going on stage we always: Warm up our voice.

To get into a good mood we: Listen to happy pop music.

Our dream is to: Not only be the winners of Junior Eurovision 2020 but to also inspire people with our music and to get people to become closer to one another and be better and maybe even best friends like we are!

UNITY from the Netherlands have recorded their performance for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Chantal Antonides

8 Questions with Unity

We wanted to find out even more about the Dutch Junior representatives so we decided to ask even more questions!

What are your favourite traditional Dutch foods?

We love to eat kaas (cheese), worst (sausage), tompouce (a type of Dutch or Belgian pastry) and stroopwafels (waffles filled with syrup).

What advice would you give your parents?

(The girls giggle before answering). That they should be a little less strict - just kidding!

If you could change anything in the world what would it be?

That people would have more respect for one another. We would make it so there was more peace and that people would be better friends or even best friends with each other.

Why did you enter Junior Eurovision?

We really wanted the opportunity to take part in this special event. We think it is such a great experience to represent your country and to perform music with our European (and beyond) friends.

Who is your biggest Junior Eurovision role model?

The girl band Kisses.

What makes Junior Eurovision so special for you?

We think it is so great to have different countries from all of Europe and across the word compete against each other and share their music. It is a great way to unite the world!

How did you react when Duncan Laurence won for the Netherlands in 2019?

We were so happy. He did such an amazing job and it was really nice to see that Eurovision was coming back to the Netherlands after such a long time.

How did you feel when you found out you were the winners?

So many children auditioned to be the Netherlands' next representative at Junior Eurovision so it was really special to hear that we were selected as the winners. We were so happy and proud.

What's happening here?

We selected 1 photo of each group member at random and asked them to reveal the story behind them.


This is a picture of me with my sister and my dog. We went on a holiday and had to leave our dog. I didn't get to see her for 6 weeks! This was the first time I saw her after we came back so it was really nice and so special to see her again.


This is a photo taken right after I came home from the national finals last year. My neighbours surprised me and decorated the front garden to our house. It was a really great homecoming.


This shows the time I performed for the King and Queen of the Netherlands in 2019. I sung in the choir at Kinderen voor Kinderen. It was such a special time.


This was taken on King's Day and is one of my first ever performances. I think I was about 9 years old here.

As Unity gears up for their big performance of Best Friends for the the Netherlands on Sunday 29 November, we suggest you start preparing your snacks! Perhaps some tompouce or stroopwafels would be a nice addition to your plate!