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Common song title is "#together"

The artistic shows and performances that will be exhibited during this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest are inspired by the uniqueness of the venue, the former Malta Ship Building. The theme, being a mix of different and contrasting genres, will take the audience by surprise and is aimed at keeping the viewer on the edge of his seat.

Show music

This year’s show will feature a range of music styles, taking a step away from the usual Junior Eurovision tradition, but at the same time keeping in touch with its roots. The theme chosen for this year’s contest, #together, inspired the producers to combine different styles of dances, special effects and lighting.

The performances will take the viewer into a whirlpool of music styles, ranging from classical music and dance, to electro, DUB step and futuristic music with this year’s Junior Eurovision Contests aiming to attract a teenage audience as well as those of younger ages.

The show will feature more than 300 performers which are being all coordinated by Gordon Bonello, who with their unique qualities will add a flavour to their specific act. Maltese people will know Gordon from several shows he has had on the island, whilst Eurovision fans will remember him for presenting Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2013.

Common song

Some 40 vocalists together with session musicians are going to be involved in the Common Song which has been composed by Elton Zarb and Gordon Bonello and written by Matt Muxu Mercieca, who also wrote the lyrics to "The Start".

The name of the Common Song is "#together", and the lyrics are written with a positive message in mind. All participants will be involved in the Common Song, as is usual at Junior Eurovision, to show the spirit of togetherness.

This year’s Production Team aims to create fantastic, memorable, and memorable performances where the uniqueness of the stage will take you to another world of imagination.