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Coming up: the 2014 Jury Final

14 November 2014 at 19:30 CET

The winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is determined by a balance of national televote and the say of a jury made up of musical professionals from each nation, alongside an international Kids' Jury. While the public will call or text wildly for their favourites tomorrow evening, tonight the juries will have their say.

This evening's full dress rehearsal, which will incorporate costumes, special effects, and all of the excitement that we come to expect from Junior Eurovision will be viewed not only by enthusiastically-cheering, flag-waving, lyric-singing, heart-pounding members of the public, but also by members of each participating nation's jury and the Kids' Jury. By the time midnight this evening rolls around, more than 50% of the result will have already been determined, even if those numbers will not be announced yet. Following tomorrow's Grand Final, the split results of the Jury and Televote will be revealed.

Who are the members of those mysterious juries, you may ask? Well, all will be revealed tomorrow when the names of the jurors are made public, after they have submitted their votes.