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Bulgaria to present song on Sunday

16 October 2015 at 13:57 CEST

The host nation, which finished as runner up last year, previously chose Gabriela Yordanova as its singer in a national final process last month. Since then, Gabi has been working with a song wring team to produce their entry.

"Cvetat na nadejdata" (The Colour of Hope) is the name of the song. It has been written by Slavi Trifonov, Evgeni Dimitrov and Georgi Milchev-Godji, with the lyrics by Gabi herself together with Ivaylov Vulchev. The song will be presented this Sunday on the Georgi Lubenov's show on BNT1. The Junior Eurovision organising team, including Executive Producer Joana Levieva Sawyer, will also be part of the show to talk about the event, stage, and social activities for the children in Sofia.

"The message of the song is about hope, dreams and happiness - illustrating the ability of children to find the colours of life," says BNT's press release.

An extra voice on stage

Gabi will be supported on stage by Ivan Stoyanov, who finished in second place in the Bulgarian selection. He will join her at the end of the song, adding his voice because of the specifics of the song.