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BNT presents 'Junior Eurovision Opportunities'

13 July 2015 at 11:14 CEST

Last Friday, the national broadcaster held a special presentation to various advertising agencies, outlining the potential and possibilities that Junior Eurovision has top offer in Bulgaria. Junior Eurovision 2015 will be one of the biggest ever television productions held in Bulgaria, and already has the support of national Government, Sofia Municipality, and some of Bulgaria's biggest Media Outlets.

"There are two big challenges for us. The first one is to deliver the highest possible standard of TV production so that we are able to present the Bulgarian television community in the most professional way. The other one is to promote Bulgaria and to show the best of our country," Director General Viara Ankova told the advertising representatives.

"There are many examples for cross-media cooperation’s between public and private broadcasters in Europe. For example, a few year ago Germany selected their entrants for the Eurovision Song Contest in a very similar way as we did with Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim. This proved to be a good way for a successful participation at the event and that’s why we are continuing our partnership with our colleagues from bTV and Seven Eight Production’s. They will help us not only with the selection of a representative, but also with all expenses concerning our participation in the contest this year. BNT, on the other hand, is taking care of the preparations of the big show in November."

Ms. Ankova went on to make the case for why Junior Eurovision is a good opportunity to attract younger audiences. Last year the contest reached a peak in Bulgaria of one millions viewers, and more than a 40% share during the live coverage from Malta. This result is very near if not even better compared to the rating figures BNT usually achieves during the big sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup for example.

BNT also presented the advertising agencies with the schedule for the contest - including other events taking place during the 'JESC Week', and details about special shows that will be aired in Bulgaria before the event itself.