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Armenian finalists revealed!

05 September 2014 at 18:33 CEST

A series of auditions were held to determine the finalists, after submissions from all over Armenia were received. The lucky ten are:

  1. Narek Vardanyan- “Ashun”
  2. Mary Kocharyan- “Chi kareli”
  3. Elina & Arman- “Galaxy”
  4. Karen Ohanyan & Mika- “Shine out”
  5. Bettie (Elizabeth Danielyan)- “People of the sun”
  6. Mika- “Mankutyan Khorhurd”
  7. Mery M- “#Peace”
  8. Yuna- “Walk around”
  9. Srbuhi feat. DDJ- “Zurna”
  10. Suzi Harutyunyan – “I dream”

The Armenian national selection will take place on 14 September at 19:30 local time (16:30 CET). The winner will be chosen by a professional jury (50%) and public voting via SMS (50%). It will be shown live on the First Channel of Armenia and, hopefully, streamed on as well!