Gliwice-Silesia 2019

Sunday 24 November


Anna, Senna and Sonya shine on stage

Posted 17 November 2010 at 11:20

The Dutch act by Anna and Senna's is as colourful as their families seem to be by the lyrics of the song and once again - they're really enjoying themselves on stage.

The violin solos in the song work on the people in the arena too and the song is quite easily rememberable - so easy that even the Floor Manager tried singing it!


Serbia's Sonja Skoric gave another magical performance of her Carobna Noc / Magical Night. 

She's wearing a fairytale-ish dress and has two backing dancers who appear as from nowhere and also disappear in the same magical way. 

Her vocals were impeccable and the whole staging is very calm and dreamy, taking the theme from the song, most likely.

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