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Anahit and Mary will sing 'Tarber' for Armenia

28 October 2016 at 21:30 CEST

"Tarber is about love and music - powers that unite us all despite our differences. Just like that, Mary and Anahit, two exceptional young ladies with different styles and personalities are united through their passion for music," the Armenian team wrote in the press release officially announcing the act.

Tarber was composed by Nick Egibyan, lyrics were written by Avet Barseghyan. Enjoy the official music video!

“I was very inspired by Mary and Anahit. The song was already creating itself in my mind, when I met them for the first time," says composer Nick Egibyan. "As soon as we started rehearsing, I realised that the song fits them perfectly. It’s very interesting, how music can unite two completely different artists, with different vocals and styles. I think we have created something very special!”

Lyricist Avet Barseghyan says he had several ideas about the theme of the song, but he knew from the beginning that he should highlight the differences of both artists. “After several discussions with our team, we decided that it would be interesting to present the girls just the way they are. Each of them have their unique style, their personality, and that is what they sing about. Mary is elegant and stylish, while Anahit loves to experiment with new looks and trends. But in the end it is  their passion for music that unites them,” says Avet.

Both Anahit and Mary were very excited during the shooting of the music video for the song. Mary: "I am really enjoying this process! We have created two different looks that highlight our differences, our personalities. It was a lot of fun to 'style fight' with Anahit on the set!”

“I’m sure people will love Tarber! The music video is very positive and colourful! I can’t wait to perform with Mary in Malta. I’m sure we are going to have a lot of fun and make new friends from all over the world,” says Anahit.