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A day in the life of: Unity

22 November 2020 at 14:00 CET
What does a regular day in the life of a Junior Eurovision participant look like? You can get exclusive insight into what the 2020 participants are up to on a normal day right here! It's time for our only group this year: Unity from the Netherlands!

Unity is a 4-piece girl group and comprises Naomi (13), Maud (14), Jayda (13) and Demi (14). Despite the girls being of similar age they all have very different interests. Let's find out what they get up to when they're not working or studying!

Demi enjoys good food and playing music during her time off!

"Hi, I'm Demi and I loooove doughnuts and playing the piano!"

Unity's day

Meanwhile, Jayda spends her time with family!

"My name is Jayda and I really love my little brothers."

While Maud makes food and plays sport!

"Hi, I'm Maud. Cooking and playing hockey are my favourites!"

Unity's day

And Naomi embraces the outdoors with her pet!

"Hi, I'm Naomi. I really love sunny days on the beach with my dog, Faith!"

We say a huge thank you to Unity for sharing a part of their day with us and we can't wait to see their performance of Best Friends on 29 November!