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Junior Journals: Pathway to Paris 🇫🇷 invited all 19 participants to keep a diary of their preparations for Paris. This journal will share some of their favourite moments as we approach the Contest 🇫🇷

10 December 2021 at 12:00 CET

Anna films with 65 friends... 🇦🇱

Just imagine 65 children who knew the song by heart, and who exploded at any moment but with a super discipline. They were all children of the age 11–14, from the Ballet School of Tirana. In fact, I really wanted to shoot the video at the school where I study, World Academy Tirana.

I was a little stressed, but Director Redi and the Producer Ols calmed me down at every moment.

When two days of non-stop filming ended, I was sorry I didn’t have at least a third day.

I was a little scared because during the filming the whole school became a mess, but fortunately, there were two days off: Saturday and Sunday.

When I went on Monday morning, I found the school as it had been, everything was fine.
Was it all a dream!!