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Previous winners of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

On Thursday 18th of November, all the previous winners of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest gave a press conference in the Minsk Arena, the place where this year's contest will be broadcast.

"A lot has changed with seven years - I play a different kind of music now." Dino, the first ever winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest said about the biggest changes after his victory.

"It's important to start with what you love at an early age. Singing is now my life. Victory helped me to do what I want to do." he added.

Would they change anything?

Their feelings about their performances were very different. "We start our day by reviewing that performance!", the Tolmachevy Twins, who won in 2006, revealed.

"When I watch the contest I think that I could do better," Ksenia Sitnik, the first Belarusian winner from the 2005 contest said. She does have her chance now as she'll be the one opening this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest here in Minsk!

"I wouldn't change anything in my performance!" Dino disagreed. "When I look back I of course see the things that went wrong. It was something special for me what I look back at but I also have to move on and do new things." Ralf, the reigning champion of the contest added.

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