#JESCWatchParty - Junior Eurovision 2019 (with comments from the 2020 stars)

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest week will kick off with a reminder of what brought us back to Poland in 2020. You’ll be able to re-watch, relive and Share The Joy of the 2019 event all over again with the participants of this year’s Contest! The artists will sing-along, dance and comment on the performances while you can share your opinions in the live chat or tweet along using #JESCWatchParty.

Rewatch the amazing performances from Viki Gabor, Yerzhan Maxim, Melani Garcia, Carla and all the others. Arina Pehtereva from Belarus, Valentina from France, Sandra Gadelia from Georgia, Chanel Monseigneur from Malta, Sofia Feskova from Russia and Soleá from Spain will comments on the first set of songs.

Susan from Germany, Karakat Bashanova from Kazakhstan, Ala Tracz from Poland, Petar Aničić from Serbia, UNITY from the Netherlands and Oleksandr Balabanov from Ukraine will comment on the second set of songs.

There is more!

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