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What were the most watched videos in 2016?

30 December 2016 at 17:00 CET
In 2016 there were over 24 million views on the official Junior Eurovision Song Contest channel on YouTube. In total 47 million minutes were watched equaling 89 years and 119 days! Which were the most popular songs on YouTube in 2016? We have done the maths and counted the video views for both 2016 and for the month of December. Will your favourite be up there?

The ten most watched videos on the official Junior Eurovision Song Contest channel on YouTube only features four songs from 2016. There are two countries which have more than one entry in the list and among the ten there is only one Junior Eurovision winner. To find out which videos were most popular in 2016 check out the top ten montage below!

The month of December features a slightly different line-up, including six videos from 2016. Given that the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest only took place last month, this is not surprising. However other videos from previous years also featured. One country has three videos in the top ten and as with the total top ten for 2016, the montage only features one Junior Eurovision winner. Will the most popular video in December be the same one that's popular in 2016 as a whole? Check out the video below to find out!