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What songs have been released so far?

Twelve out of the sixteen participating countries have revealed their songs for Junior Eurovision 2017! There are a mix of musical styles from ballads to dance songs and even ethno-pop! Which song do you think stands out?

Of the sixteen Junior Eurovision entries for 2017, only Albania, Armenia, Georgia and Ireland have yet to reveal their entries. Check out the video medley of the songs released so far!

  • Australia - Isabella Clarke - Speak Up!
  • Belarus - Helena Meraai - I Am The One
  • Cyprus - Nicole Nicolaou - I Wanna Be A Star
  • FYR Macedonia - Mina Blazev - Dancing Through Life
  • Italy - Maria Iside Fiore - Scelgo (My Choice)
  • Malta - Gianluca Cilia - Dawra Tond
  • Poland - Alicja Rega - Mój Dom
  • Portugal - Mariana Venâncio - Youtuber
  • Russia - Polina Bogusevich - Wings
  • Serbia - Irina Brodic and Jana Paunovic - Ceo svet je nas
  • The Netherlands - Fource - Love Me
  • Ukraine - Anastasyia Baginska - Don't Stop

Which song is your favourite?

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