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What happened backstage?

23 November 2008 at 00:18 CET

23:16 CET » Our winners just gave their press conference and buzzed almost all other songs that took part in the competition! We are wrapping it up, and will head for the after-party, where all contestants will celebrate the end of a fantastic week!

22:20 CET » We have a winner! Congratulations GEORGIA!!! Stay tuned for more news from behind the scenes, photos and videos!

22:11 CET » Georgia is in the lead! Stay tuned for the outcome!!!

21:57 CET » All contestants received their first 12 points from us, because everyone did a great job!

21:49 CET » Dima Bilan performs Number One Fan and Believe, the song that brought him Eurovision Song Contest victory last May. Did you know that earlier this week, Dima missed his plane from Moscow? Luckily, he made it to Cyprus in time to perform for right here, right now!

21:43 CET » And it suddenly got very crowded backstage, when all contestants had to get on stage in just a few seconds! Now they are performing the song Hand In Hand, especially written for UNICEF. Meanwhile, some of our very smart people (and the best computers!) are counting the votes that you cast massively!

21:40 CET » Russian superstar Dima Bilan, who won the Eurovision Song Contest this year, just went on stage! The voting is over, the lines are closed and we would like to say THANK YOU FOR VOTING!

21:32 CET » Evridiki and Dimitris perform tonight's theme song Fun In The Sun! Right before going on stage, they said to "Pick up your phone to vote for your favourites! Thank you so much, and enjoy the show!"

21:25 CET » All our 15 stars have performed and there are just a few minutes to vote for your favourite song! Please pick up your phone and vote!!! The revenue of the televoting goes to UNICEF, supporting children in need of safe drinking water all over the world!

21:08 CET » We went right into the audience and noticed the huge amount of Marissa-fans from the Netherlands. They are dressed in red-white-blue and the Dutch national colour orange!

20:51 CET » The Spyros Kyprianou Arene in Lemesos is packed with some 2,500 people and the atmosphere in the venue is amazing! Check out some of the photos we made during the dress rehearsal! If you have attended the show here in Cyprus, you might just find yourself here on!

20:48 CET » All the contestants hope you will pick up your phone and vote tonight! Not just for them, but als for children all over the world, who are in need of safe drinking water. If you live in one of the participating countries, you can vote right now!

20:37 CET » We went to have a sneak peak at the greenroom, where the participants go after performing their song. The atmosphere is fan-tas-tic! Check out the photos we took during the dress rehearsal, giving you an impression of what's happening there...

20:25 CET » The lines have opened, and from now on you can vote for your favorite songs!

20:15 CET » The show has started!

20:09 CET » The arena is almost entirely full, the hosts are ready, the young stars are waiting to go on stage!

18:52 CET » The audience is entering the arena and the atmosphere is already great! Lots of people have flags and signs with them, to support their favorite contestant. Who would you like to win? Check out their rehearsal performances on our YouTube channel:

18:00 CET » Cyprus is ready for the BIG NIGHT! We just spoke with the 'big boss' of the television production, Munro Forbes. He told us everything is in place for the spectacular show Europe will get to see in just a few hours from now. Excited yet? We are!

17:40 CET » We just spoke with one of the people in the Belgian delegation. She told us that Oliver's ear infection didn't go away yet, but that he feels much better than yesterday. Oliver, good luck!

16:30 CET » Show hosts Sophia and Alex are taking it easy behind the scenes. Until they go to the make-up room, in a few hours, they can do nothing else but relaxing, eating and... laughing! Because behind the scenes at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest it's always a lot of fun! Read more about your hosts of tonight's show in a previous blog story »

15:06 CET » Russian super-star Dima Bilan just gave a press conference here in Lemesos, Cyprus. The singer, who won the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, will perform as guest star during tonight's show. Stay tuned for photos!

14:10 CET » The last dress rehearsal before tonight's big show has just ended. Now all the participants will return to their hotel to have a rest and dinner. Meanwhile, we will continue to follow the preparations here at the Spyros Kyprianou Arena. We heard that Dima Bilan, our guest star, will give a press conference soon. Stay with us!

13:30 CET » Heavy rains over Cyprus! It makes the people of the island very happy, because there hasn't been heavy rain for quite some time. In Cyprus, they can make drinking water out of rain. In dry periods, drinking water comes to Cyprus by ship! And that is, as you can imagine, very expensive!

12:55 CET » The third and last dress rehearsal is well underway. All 15 contestants are here at the arena, and so is Oliver from Belgium! Yesterday, we learned that Oliver has a painful ear infection. Despite that, he is giving a great performance on stage right now! Later today we will speak to him again, to find out how he feels.