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Watch: First heat in Belgium!

07 September 2009 at 14:29 CEST

On Saturday the first heat of Junior Eurosong 2009 was held in Belgium. A total of eight acts were presented - four acts with two versions of their songs. The kids who took the stage this time were:

  • Anke - Ooh Daddy (Jukebox Jive)
  • Anke - Ooh Daddy (Glamrock) 
  • T&T - Geniaal (Cool Cat) 
  • T&T - Geniaal (Ruige Rock)
  • Las Niñas - Jongens (Punkrock) 
  • Las Niñas - Jongens (Girlpower)
  • Manou - Comment Faire (Smokey Jazz) 
  • Manou - Comment Faire (Pop)

Then it was up for the jury to judge the entries and then the televoters had their say in who would go to the final. The lucky ones were Manou with her Comment Faire, the pop version and T&T with their Geniaal's rock version. You can get to know them in the video below and also hear what the Belgian kid star back from 2007, Eva said about her participation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Now there are still two more heats left and a final, to be held on the 26th of September. The winner will go to Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, and represent his/her country on the 21st of November.