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Theme song "#Discover" recorded!

10 September 2015 at 15:05 CEST

Yesterday evening Sofia, the 2014 runner-up Krisia Toderova was in the recording studio to lend her voice to the official theme song of the 2015 competition. The concept of the song is simple: how hope, dreams, love, and friends are discovered.

The song has been written by Evgeni Dimitrov (co-composer of “Planet of the Children”), Vasko Ivanov- Dexter, and Gordon Bonello (Head of Show for Junior Eurovision 2015). The lyrics were written by Matt Muxu, who also wrote "#Together" for last year’s event.

Commenting on the song, Krisia said: "I like it a lot. It's very modern, catchy and will become a hit. Through music we can discover everything", while Gordon Bonello added: "The slogan #Discover could mean a wide range of things. We want to show Europe how beautiful Bulgaria is and how warm the people are here. We would like Europe to discover the talents in Bulgaria and to send our message to all children - to discover things like hope, friendship and the future".

Meanwhile BNT’s own building has had some decoration added to it - ‘Junior Eurovision’ style! Umbrella’s with the contest’s logo, made by 200 children from the non-profit organisation Spiritual Mirror, are now on display in the television centre.

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This content is unfortunately no longer available