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Tonight, the stage will become Alicja’s Empire

29 November 2020 at 13:00 CET
Alicja Szemplińska performed 'Empires' at Junior Eurovision 2020 EBU / Stijn Smulders
This years' audience will be treated to an amazing performance by Poland's Eurovision 2020 representative, Alicja Szemplińska, who will sing her song 'Empires' on stage in Warsaw! We sat down with her to talk about her year, her new music, and all things Junior Eurovision! Read on to find out what's been happening in her world!

Alicja won the Polish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest Szansa Na Sukses in February, but we were sadly unable to see her compete for her country due to the cancellation of Eurovision 2020. However, the 18-year-old finally gets her time to shine on the Junior Eurovision stage instead!

Alicja will perform her Eurovision 2020 song tonight once all the Junior participants have performed theirs. We caught up with Alicja right before she head into one of her rehearsals in Warsaw.

Are you excited to perform at the Junior Eurovision?
I’m very excited to be here. I love Junior Eurovision, so I’m glad that I get to perform here!

What is your relation to Junior Eurovision?
I’ve always been a big fan of both Junior Eurovision and the Eurovision Song Contest. I've always watched it with my family, especially with my mom; she is also a big fan!

The slogan of Junior Eurovision is Move The World. How do you interpret that?
I think that, especially now, we are in such rough times. We need to work together and Move The World and change the world.

This year has been tough. But looking at the future, what can we expect from you?
I think that for everyone it has been a tough year and my plans changed as well but I didn’t stop! I’m producing my own music and I released three singles and I’m also working on my first album! And perhaps…Eurovision 2021? Keep your fingers crossed for me! It would be my dream come true.

How did you react when Eurovision was cancelled?
First of all I was very sad but I think the decision was right. Of course I was upset that I didn’t get the chance to perform, but who knows: it might happen in the future!

What did you do to make the best of the situation?
I focused on my music and on my personal life. I spent a lot of time with my closest family.

Has the meaning of your song evolved during the pandemic?
It evolved so much. Nowadays, the meaning of the song is so different. I think it is more accurate because of the pandemic and all the things that happened all around the world.

How do you imagine your future?
My dream is to keep singing and keep making music!

Do you have any tips for young artists?
Just be yourself and believe in yourself!

Check out Alicja's official Eurovision 2020 video ahead of her performance tonight:

We wish Alicja the best of luck, and who knows, we might see her again in Rotterdam next year!