Swedish Song titles published; final tomorrow!

The eight finalists were selected back in April, and since then have been working with a handful of music producers to finalise and perfect their entries. The songs contesting the national selection are:

  1. “Du är inte ensam” - Julia Kedhammar (14)
  2. “Här är vi nu” - Skyscraper (group)
  3. “Stilla” - Vilman Larsson (12)
  4. “När hoppet tar slut” - Kevin Körber (13)
  5. “Jag trodde på oss” - Felxi Laurent (12)
  6. “Oslagbara” - Ella Rammelt (11)
  7. “Rebell” - Tove Burman (15)
  8. “Jag saknar dig så” - Paulina Pancenkov (14)

Follow the selection live!

You can follow Sweden’s selection live by listing to Sveriges Radio. They will broadcast the entire show live tomorrow evening, from 17:00 CET until 18:00 on station P4 (to be taken to their website, click: here).


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