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Serbia's Lena Stamenković: "I felt fantastic on the Junior Eurovision stage"!

17 November 2015 at 16:54 CET

Lena was wearing a long red dress, and even though she was completely alone on stage, her energy and her voice were more than enough to fill out the entire arena. Bare trees are projected on the backdrop at the start of the song. As the chorus kicks in, the backdrop is black with bursts of red, and they turn into red and yellow fireworks towards the end of the song. Lena seemed very confident, and she was very happy with her first rehearsal.

Talking about her first time on stage, Lena said: "The rehearsal was just amazing! The arena is huge, the lights were sparkling all around me while I was singing, and I felt fantastic on stage". "Lenina pesma" has a strong message and a big story behind it. Lena told us: "When I was coming back from my holidays, I saw all the people who had to move out of their homes, and cross borders seeking a better tomorrow, and this inspired me to write this song. I would like to see a better world around me, where people help each other and work together in order to solve all of our problems."

Lena also told us that she always followed Junior Eurovision, and even though she was dreaming of stepping on this stage, she thought it was mission impossible. She added: "But here I am! And I'm very happy it turned out to be this way".

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