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Our Junior Eurovision singers take a Magic Train through Yerevan

10 December 2022 at 11:59 CET
Ireland, Armenia, and Spain on the Magic Train Ride - Cultural Program - Junior Eurovision 2022 AMPTV
Our sixteen acts have been working hard, but there's always time for a bit of fun!

Earlier this week, representatives from our participating countries took part in a social program organized by our hosting broadcaster, Public Television of Armenia (AMPTV). Our Junior Eurovision acts took to the Yerevan Metro, which was turned into an immersive "Magical Train" experience.

The train started off from Republic Square (which was also the site of our spectacular Opening Ceremony) and carried the participants through four stations, where the kids had a chance to learn about Armenia’s cultural heritage, cuisine, national dances and games, as well as take part in a big Armenian feast.

At the Games Station, the contestants were invited to try their hand at throwing a spinning top, which is the symbol of this year’s Junior Eurovision. They also enjoyed a performance of Qami Qami by the JESC 2021 winner Maléna.

Maléna performs during the Magic Train Ride - Cultural Program - Junior Eurovision 2022 AMPTV

The Candy station gave our artists their fill of Armenian sweets and cookies, presented by their hosts, the Magician and the Cook. Next stop was a Cultural station, where delegations witnessed works of art coming to life. 

Magic Train Ride - Cultural Program - Junior Eurovision 2022 AMPTV

Finally, the train brought our singers to a grand feast, where they got to taste-test some local specialties like ghapama, a stuffed pumpkin dish popular during the Christmas season. Many of this year's singers also took the opportunity to try on traditional Armenian dress.

👀 For more photos of the fun, be sure to check out our gallery!

Thanks to our hosting broadcaster AMPTV for arranging this program for the delegations, and helping them make memories that will #SpinTheMagic for years to come!

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