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Ništa Lično takes Serbia to Kyiv

22 September 2009 at 12:27 CEST

Ništa Lično won the contest held last weekend in Serbia and beat nine other acts who took the stage to get their chance to represent their country. In the end it was them with Onaj Pravi to get the opportunity. 

Ništa Lično's leading vocalist is Anica Cvetkovic, who also wrote the lyrics to the song. The music was composed by Alexander Graić.

Even though they have competed against each other at various festivals, the kids don't take each other as competitors, they've become friends instead! 

Now Ništa Lično will represent Serbia in Kyiv on the 21st of November at the seventh edition of the world's biggest music contest for kids in the aged of ten to fifteen - Junior Eurovision Song Contest.